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Holy Week

What a great and glorious week!  

Holy Week and Easter are among the primary feasts of the Christian year. With so many services - each different in focus, yet essential for the complete telling of the story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection - in one week, we are GRATEFUL for all who were able to join us! 
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Easter Vigil is an ancient liturgy of the Christian year. Beginning in darkness after sunset on Holy Saturday, the vigil starts with the lighting of a fire, illuminating the darkness.

At St. Luke’s, we set fire to a portion of the heritage prairie on our campus. It is a powerful image, rich in symbolism – from darkness to light, from destruction to life with the blooming of Spring grass and flowers in the coming weeks. 

The Paschal candle is lit from the burning prairie and processed into the still darkened church. We hear sacred stories about God's radical love told by lively and creative storytellers, interspersed with psalms and prayers. This is the night we renew our Baptismal Vows and celebrate the first Eucharist of Easter and end our Lenten fast saying:

“Alleluia! The Lord is risen!”
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The burning of the prairie is traditional for
our church. From the prairie, we light
our Easter Candle.

The burning of the prairie is also symbolic of having faith, hope, and perseverance amidst life's hardships. This parallel can be seen when the new shoots and flowers begin sprouting and blossoming from the ashes.


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