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About us

Welcome to

St. Luke’s

Episcopal Church!

Our parish is characterized by mutual respect and a focus on our common mission through Christian formation, worship, ministry, and service.

Worship at St. Luke's blends the ritual beauty of the classical Anglican tradition with a contemporary and progressive understanding of Christ’s liberating, unselfish love. 

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On Sunday and during the week, laypeople serve with our clergy through shared ministry, to plan, prepare and participate in our worship.

We are a liturgical church, which means we follow an ancient pattern of worship. Our worship is based in Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and includes prayer, Scripture readings, reflection, songs, and the celebration of Holy Eucharist.

While the pattern of worship remains consistent, each week is a totally new experience as we go through the church seasons and lectionary cycles. 
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our staff:

Rev. Elizabeth Duff

Ruth shirt.jpg
Rev. Ruth Ratliff
liane (2).jpg
Rev. Liane Nichols
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Skyler Ramsey

Director of First Impressions,

Administrative Assistant

Michaela Schneider
Kevin Sanders.JPG
Kevin Sanders


John Staff.jpg
John Nocero
Janet Sanders
Sharon Staff.jpg
Sharon Anway

Tech Minister,



Choir Director,


Betsy Zan

Senior Warden,

Vestry Member

Sue Smith

Junior Warden,

Vestry Member

Jan Hankins.jpg
Jan Hankins


Vestry Member

Tina Adilolfi.jpg
Tina Hinz

Vestry Member

Mary Donegan Ritter.jpg
Mary Donegan-Ritter

Vestry Member

Karen Franczyk.jpg
Karen Franczyk

Vestry Member

Marty Johnson.jpg
Marty Johnson

Vestry Member

Jay Lees.jpg
Jay Lees

Vestry Member

Marnell Lyle.jpg
Marnell Lyle

Vestry Member

Rebekah Offield.jpg
Rebekah Offield

Vestry Member

Jen Rasmussen

Tech Minister,

Vestry Member

Sue Savereide.jpg
Sue Savereide

Vestry Member

Crop Walk.jpg
Del Turner

Office Volunteer

Betsy Monnot.jpg
Rt. Rev. Betsey

Bishop of Iowa

Our History


St. Luke’s was founded in 1855, the fourth Christian body to be organized in Cedar Falls. 

The records, carefully preserved through the years, tell of faith, dedication, success and setbacks, which to a large degree represent the changing social and economic picture of the community itself. After assuring an ongoing congregation in its formative decades, the people responded to outreach missions raised up through the years, including but not limited to: civil rights, college and international students, Cursillo, Marriage Encounter, safe church concerns, environmental issues, inclusiveness, hospitality, and community engagement through serving those who are marginalized. St. Luke’s has emerged as a vibrant, open, worshiping community welcoming everyone into its midst.

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