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Stories from Scratch


Stories from Scratch is Christian Formation for our children and youth.


Our group meets after school at locations including our church garden, community hall, or Roger's Market, among others.

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A Stories from Scratch story

A sower went out and sowed...

What do cupcakes, parables, and prairie plants have in common? They were all part of one day's get together!

Thank you Daryl Smith for showing us how to harvest seeds! When spring comes these prairie planters will have rose hip, rattlesnake master, gray-headed coneflower, horsemint, prairie blazing star, and many more seeds to sow!

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A Stories from Scratch story

Another fun meeting involved the kids from Stories from Scratch planning a party. This wasn’t a birthday party or an anniversary party, it wasn’t graduation or retirement. It was an old fashion (well, sort of!) tea party! They made and sent invitations, and created floral center pieces for each table. The date was set, and we all waited for the fun to begin.


A wonderful time was had by all as kids and adults shared stories (after all, that’s what we do!), the room was filled with laughter and delight, and love was shared.

All over a cup of tea.

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